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Picture of Joe Slowinski, ABD, M.ED.
BRS 2.0 Yields Huge Immediate Improvement for Bowler
by Joe Slowinski, ABD, M.ED. - Sunday, 8 August 2021, 4:36 PM

Do you want the 2021-22 season to be one of your best? Chris Ingram sat at 205 before starting with the Bowler Reference System 2.0. After starting, he posted sets of 696, 661, 707, 737, 719, 722, 648, 705 over the first 5 weeks of implementing the system. 

"For the first time in a long time I feel like I am ahead of transition. I would always doubt myself. I threw a ball yesterday and it was obvious the ball was dead and I just went to the next ball no questions asked.”  

The system can help you bowl at a higher level with more consistency too.

To purchase the 190 page advanced lane play, Bowler Reference 2.0, booklet click the link below